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Only Have Enough Room To Install A Lap Pool? Is It Worth It?

So, you don't have enough space for a full-sized in-ground pool, but you still want to enjoy a cool dip in the pool and the exercise benefits of swimming. Lap pools are a great solution but are they worth it? We think so! But before we discuss why lap pools are great, let's take a look at what they are.

Most people would like to have a pool but don't have enough room for a full-sized one. A lap pool is ideal for exercising and swimming laps – did we mention they look incredible? If you want to swim but need to save space, a lap pool is the way to go.

What are lap pools?

Generally speaking, lap pools are a long and narrow swimming pool. While they are designed for swimming laps, that is not their only use. The advantages of this type of pool include:

They can accommodate small and awkwardly shaped backyards. Those who don't have enough room for a standard pool can have a lap pool installed. This means you don't have to miss out on owning a pool just because of the layout or size of your outdoor area.


Less power usage. The cost of running a lap pool may be lower than a big family-sized pool. The pump generally isn't as large and therefore the running costs are reduced. The pool pump is the biggest energy consumer of all pool equipment.

Easy to clean. As most lap pools aren't overly big, they are generally straightforward to clean and keep clean.

Lap pools are great for exercise

If you have only a small space to install your melbourne lap pool, it's still worth it. You can use it for cardio, strength and flexibility training. A lap pool is also helpful if you want to tone and lose weight or increase your muscle mass.

Many useful exercises can be done in a lap pool such as swimming laps, water running, stretches, or even doing handstands against the wall of the pool (if there's enough room). Swimming is great for strengthening your core muscles and increasing flexibility throughout your entire body.

Lap pools are easy to maintain

There's also less maintenance involved in looking after a lap pool compared to other types of pools because they aren't generally as big. Just use a skimmer net to pick up any leaves or debris that may fall into the water. This is a simple task that only takes a few moments every day. Ensure your filters and skimmers are clean and keep the water balanced.

Installation costs might be less expensive than you think

Installation costs might be less than you think. One of the benefits of a lap pool is that they are generally more affordable than big pools with the works.

Additionally, a smaller pool means less water is needed to fill it up saving you on water expenses. Evaporation occurs no matter which type of pool you have but as less water is required for smaller to modest-sized pools, this can save you money long-term.

A lap pool could add value to your home

Swimming pools are highly sought after, lap pools included. By installing a lap pool at your place, you could add value to your property. If selling is something you'd consider now or in the future, adding a swimming pool is a smart investment both for your lifestyle and financial gain.

They make a great pool for young swimmers

As the distance from one side of a lap pool to another isn't far and they usually aren't overly deep, lap pools make a great pool for young swimmers. This can help them gain confidence in the water (with adult supervision of course).

Highly compatible with swim and spa jets

Despite their name, lap pools can be used for more than just laps. They are a multi-purpose pool that can be used for a variety of activities. Relaxing, entertaining, water therapy, or cooling off on a hot day are some of the many other ways you can enjoy a lap pool. Lap pools are highly compatible with spa and swim jets. These are typically installed at one end of the pool. Swim jets provide resistance that can be used for swimming against. These are particularly helpful if you don't have an overly long lap pool, rather than having to complete a couple of laps and then turn back, you can just stay in the one spot whilst you swim against the swim jets. Spa jets can be used for relaxation and can give a section of your lap pool a spa-like feel. After working out in the pool, you can soothe your muscles on the spa jets and unwind.

Factors to consider when installing a lap pool

Space is undoubtedly the most important factor to think about when installing a lap pool. Lap pools that are longer are generally better for swimming laps however if you don't have the room, installing swim jets is a great alternative.

It is not only the lap pool itself you'll need to factor into the space but the surrounds such as pool paving and fencing as well as the pool equipment. The best way to determine whether a lap pool is right for your backyard and swimming needs is by booking a free onsite quote.

You can still have fun in the water with your family and friends

Even though lap pools may be smaller and more narrow than traditional pools, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them like you do a normal pool. They are equally as amusing and can be paired with spa or swim jets to take the fun and fitness to the next level.

A lap pool is a great solution if you don't have much free area out the back. Backyards are only getting smaller and people are choosing to make the most of the space they have by installing smaller pool varieties such as lap pools. If you want more information on installing a lap pool at your place, contact the friendly team at Melbourne Fibreglass Pool Company. We fit and install breathtaking fibreglass lap pools that are just as impressive as traditional full-sized swimming pools.

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