Ways To Entertain Yourself On Really Long Plane Trips

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When you are preparing for a holiday, you have to think also about the journey to get there. While some people just pack for the trip, you often have to think about the flight as well. Going on a long plane ride can be quite tedious and stressful for some people. Especially if you are not sitting in first class, then you probably want to think once or twice of the different things that you can do in order to keep yourself entertained over the long trip.

There are some trips that are longer than 10 hours and this can be quite boring and annoying for some people. For this same reason, you have to think previously of various ways to keep yourself entertained for hours. Especially if you are flying during the day and you aren't going to get much sleep, you definitely need to plan out various activities to keep yourself busy.

1. Online Games

A lot of long plane trips have wifi available for passengers on board. If this is the case, you can play online gambling games to distract yourself from the long flight. An online gambling game can even keep you entertained for hours, which might be the best way to spend a long flight. Make sure you add to your online gaming list some of the best online casino australia, in order to play whenever you need to de-stress on board.

2. Read A Book

You can also use this time to disconnect from everything and finally catch up on that book you've been wanting to read. We often don't give ourselves time to read given that there is always social media on the way, movies, or different activities. However, one of the best things that one can do during a long flight is read a book.

3. Write A Journal

Take this opportunity to write. Writing is always a great way to release stress and for people to express themselves. While being on a long flight, passengers can use this opportunity to write in their journal and entertain themselves for a while.

4. Listen To A Podcast/Listen To Music

Another activity that passengers can do on a long trip is listening to a podcast or even music. You could even choose to play an audiobook, but make sure you pick them beforehand and download them into your phone. You definitely don't want to risk not having wifi on the long flight, and therefore, plan ahead so that you can have your podcasts and audiobooks downloaded into your phone.

5. Don't Forget To Bring Snacks and Water

Being bored might lead to stress and anxiety. And one of the main keys to distracting yourself is by having a snack and water break. While most planes offer drinks and some snacks, you might want to look into buying some beforehand.


Ways To Entertain Yourself On Really Long Plane Trips

When you are preparing for a holiday, you have to think also about the journey to get there. While some people just pack for the trip, you often h...

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