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Top tourist places in Saudi Arabia

  • Written by The Southern Cross

The essence of Saudi provides a mixture of global diversity emerging from past human civilizations. Check the rock inscriptions and incredible archaeological sites with over 10,000 years of history. Also, you can enjoy several Saudi experiences, such as climbing the highest mountain at 3,000 meters above sea level or diving into coral gardens and marine life in the Red Sea. In addition, you can enjoy international events in the most prominent cities in Saudi Arabia. Try the traditional food and enjoy the warmth of the locals. Saudi Arabia is everything you will want in a destination. Check the tops tourist places.


The capital of Saudi Arabia offers a blend of medieval and millennial cultural union, where you can trace the kingdom's roots. Don't miss its incredible atmospheric souqs, fascinating museums, and ancient architecture. Also, you can enjoy the modren metropolis with a unique contemporary art scene. Start with the Masmak Fortress, built in 1865 with vast clay and mud bricks. The fortress was the scene of one of the most significant historical passages of Saudi history. In 1902, King Abdulaziz took control of the site and Riyadh and began to conquer the kingdoms around it, forming what we know today as Saudi Arabia. Head to the Saudi National Museum displaying more than 3,700 antiquities documenting Saudi history over millennia.

Riyadh is also a shopping destination with souqs and luxury malls. The most famous market is the Souq Al Zal, which opened in 1901 and continues to be noisy and vibrant. Buy gold coins, handicrafts, and antiques. Other shopping options are the Riyadh Park Mall, with an IMAX cinema and arcade for families.


The warm city of Jeddah invites you to be part of its ancient history, with millions of visitors, traders, and explorers coming here since ancient times. The city is the birthplace of arts and music and offers a mixture of multi-vibrant cultures. Historical Jeddah will let you into antique designs of balconies, stone alleys, and ancient sidewalks. It has inspired artists and writers for centuries. Get fantastic views of the gorgeous sunset shades that disappear off the divine Red Sea shores. Also, you can opt for an underwater experience with majestic coral reefs.

After reaching Historic Jeddah, you will see several doors. These massive structures went back to ancient times and were used as a form of market security and protection. The most famous door is the one on the east side, Bab Jadeed, and its latest addition was made in the 1940s. The next door you shouldn't miss is Bab Makkah, facing Souq Al Badu. On the south side, you have Bab Shareef, used by people visiting the alleys for outings and outside markets.


Diriyah is known as the pearl of Saudi Arabia and has become a significant tourist destination. Diriyah will have luxury resorts, several international hotel brands, and dining and shopping options in the future. It's part of a massive project promoted by the Saudi Government. It also offers history with its deep cultural roots going back thousands of years as it was an ancient trade and pilgrimage route. Its historical center At-Turaif was founded in the 15h century and was the original power seat of the Al Saud family, the rulers of Saudi Arabia. The mentioned project will allow people to walk through the ruins and check museums and spaces, telling you about their history.

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Top tourist places in Saudi Arabia

The essence of Saudi provides a mixture of global diversity emerging from past human civilizations. Check the rock inscriptions and incredible arc...

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