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Undercover investigation finds cat fur for sale at popular Melbourne market

A joint investigation between the Animal Justice Party and Collective Fashion Justice has revealed domestic cat fur has been found in an unlabelled glove for sale at Queen Victoria Market, as revealed in the Herald Sun.

The finding comes after Consumer Affairs Victoria denied allegations of deceptive labeling in response to a campaign led by Western Victorian MP, Andy Meddick. 

Misleading fur labeling was first exposed by Meddick in 2019 when South Melbourne and Queen Victoria Market made headlines for selling raccoon dog fur on items labeled ‘polyester’. Follow up investigations uncovered items labeled ‘sheepskin’ to contain mink.

Following the revelations, the then-Minister for Consumer Affairs Marlene Kairouz committed to deploying a taskforce across Melbourne. 

Meddick is calling on the Victorian government to support a ban on fur after polling revealed that over half of surveyed participants don’t trust claims by animal fashion retailers. 

Andy Meddick MP: said,

“You only have to browse the markets to find examples of unlabelled fur and we've proven that.  This time we found cat, the much-loved companion animal we share our homes with.  A ban is about protecting Australian consumers by banning fur sourced using inherently cruel but legal practices.  Practices that are prohibited for good reason, here in Australia”

“It is horrifying that someone could walk into a market and purchase something they are told is faux fur, only to find out later that it contains domestic cat.  Victorians are being misled in their efforts to make ethical choices and I will do everything I can to fix that.”

“ Mislabelled fur is rife across Victoria.  A ban will ensure that retailers are cautious about the goods they import - making sure they are cruelty free and paving the way for sustainable bio-based alternatives.”

“It is incredibly disappointing that yet another investigation has revealed mislabelled fur in Melbourne, especially after the Victorian Government committed to taking action last year. They, along with Consumer Affairs Victoria, have clearly failed to do so”

 “We know fur is cruel, we know it’s unnecessary. Now, what we are learning is that it’s also a major threat to the emergence and spread of zoonotic disease. Victoria must take real and meaningful action now.”

Emma Hakansson, of Collective Fashion Justice, said

’The idea of unknowingly wearing cat fur will no doubt horrify most Australians. The fact that any animal lives caged in a fur factory-farm when there are far more ethical and sustainable alternatives available is outrageous.’

‘Factory-farming and killing animals for their fur is always cruel, and always harmful to global health and sustainability.’

‘There has not been a single time our team has sourced products being sold to Victorians and not found mislabelled fur.  We have no doubt this issue is widespread across the state.’

Ben Pearson, of World Animal Protection, said

“These results are extremely concerning and highlight the absolute lack of traceability currently in place for imported fur products.

“We’re calling for a permanent ban on animal fur imports. This is the only way to protect the animals who suffer at the hands of this grotesque industry, which must be phased out. We know that most fur comes from animals who have suffered their entire lives before a brutal death.”


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Undercover investigation finds cat fur for sale at popular Melbourne market

A joint investigation between the Animal Justice Party and Collective Fashion Justice has revealed domestic cat fur has been found in an unlabelled ...

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