The Best Places to Go Backpacking in Australia

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Among first-time visitors to Australia, the east coast itinerary is the most popular, covering most of the country's major cities from Melbourne to Cairns. In three weeks, you can cover the entirety of this itinerary; you can spread it out throughout three months of backpacking in Australia.

There were approximately 370,000 tourists to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane in the calendar year ending in March 2020, making them the three most popular destinations for backpackers in the country. Nothing beats a road trip for a backpacking vacation. These nine Australian backpacking destinations provide a wide range of fun activities and sights to explore.


In Australia, Sydney is the first destination for most travelers. Bondi and Coogee in eastern Sydney and Manly on the Northern Beaches, are popular with backpackers. For backpackers who enjoy gambling, there are casinos and online casinos in Sydney; as well as Melbourne and Adelaide.

The Harbor Bridge and the Opera House are also both must-sees. Sydney is a city that's easy to be pulled into, thanks to its rich beaches.


Melbourne, Australia's cultural capital, is also known as Oz's most European city, and it's plenty of budget-friendly delights such as the street art outside Flinders St station, outdoor restaurants in St Kilda, bohemian Brunswick St in Fitzroy, and bike routes surrounding Brighton.


Uluru is a sandstone lump in the middle of the country that's so famous that it's referred to as a rock formation. A majestic monolith, Uluru (previously Ayers Rock), rises 348 meters above the ancient outback terrain of Australia's Red Center. In order to avoid the midday heat and watch Uluru burn ochre red, visitors should avoid climbing. An absolute must-see for any and all Australian backpackers.


Darwin, despite the stifling heat, is a wonderful place to relax. Darwin, the starting point for the ultimate outback journey, is located in Australia's Northern Territory, and is the country's closest major city to Asia.

Darwin has evolved from a frontier outpost to a modern metropolis with a plethora of hotels, cafes, restaurants, and nightlife options. As a cultural backpacker's paradise, Darwin is hot, but its rich cuisine, vibrant culture, and outdoor lifestyle make it a must-visit.


Cairns is a great place to see the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, both of which can be explored with the help of a tour operator. The city's bars and backpacker hostels are located along the oceanfront esplanade. This is another tropical town with world-class natural attractions, wild nightlife, and hordes of backpackers.

Cairns boasted the Great Barrier Reef, a gorgeous lagoon, and plenty of attractive backpackers to grace the city's walkways and bars. There are several options for diving and snorkeling tours to the Great Barrier Reef, and you can even spend a week on a live-aboard yacht.


Adelaide, in the Australian state of South Australia, is known as "wine country." Adelaide, Australia's version of Napa Valley, is a wine region. In South Australia's vineyards, daily tastings and pairings call for a well-stocked palate.

Arlie Beach

Airlie Beach's man-made lagoon more than makes up for the absence of a real beach. It's a vibrant seaside metropolis with a thriving nightlife. As one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit, the Whitsunday Islands is a popular destination for tourists.

For those who want to explore the Whitsunday Islands from a different perspective, Airlie Beach is a great starting point. On the other hand, there are plenty of other things you can participate in, such as skydiving or taking a scenic flight. But don't forget to spend some time in the town of Airlie – the palm-fringed lagoon is the town's center point, surrounded by vibrant hostels, bars, and seaside restaurants.


The trip to Western Australia from the East Coast is long, but well worth it. Fremantle's unique 19th-century port streetscape has been preserved. Fremantle Prison, a World Heritage-listed structure, is no longer home to inmates; instead, it has been transformed into a travelers' hostel, complete with dorms and individual rooms.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay's sands are perfect for lounging. One of the most popular surfing destinations in Australia, Byron Bay offers a distinct backpacker culture. When it comes to nightlife, Byron Bay has a reputation to rival. Byron Bay is a great place to relax for a few days to a few weeks. Byron is a bustling, yet laid-back beach town. Byron Bay, Australia's most easterly point, is still a haven for travelers, surfers, artists, and want-to-be hippies, despite the fact that it's more upscale than it used to be.


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The Best Places to Go Backpacking in Australia

Among first-time visitors to Australia, the east coast itinerary is the most popular, covering most of the country's major cities from Melbourne t...

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