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Strong Sisters SportsFest

Strong Sisters SportsFest - Dec 10th - Belvedere Reserve, Seaford

The Strong Sisters Australia Movement is bringing a FREE Come & Try multisports day for Women & Girls in the Frankston area to get women and girls stronger mentally and physically. 

Strong Sisters SportsFest from Strong Women on Vimeo.

We are aiming to get 1 million Australian women stronger physically & mentally in 2022. 

At Belvedere Reserve, Seaford on Saturday 10th December 12pm-4pm, women and girls are invited to join a FREE multisports Come & Try event. A variety of local and state sports and recreation organisations will be there including AFL Vic, Cricket Victoria, Frankston FC, Football Vic, PARC, Reclink, Frankston Hockey Club, Carrum Downs Cricket Club, and plenty more! 

Here are some little treats for attendees: 

  • A variety of clubs and organisations at the Strong Sisters Sportsfest will be handing out $50 vouchers to a limited number of attendees that are interested in joining their club or participating in a program. Any students from schools in the Frankston LGA that attend the Strong Sisters Sportsfest, are eligible for a $10 voucher to take back to their schools to go towards sports equipment from Knight Sports. 

About the Strong Sisters Movement 

The Strong Sisters Australia Movement is a social impact campaign celebrating Aussie girls and women getting strong physically and mentally, no matter how they look, how experienced they are or how sweaty they get. We're aiming to inspire more women and girls of all abilities to get strong and prove that barriers like judgement of others, time, money and energy can all be overcome. 

The Strong Sisters Movement is an impact campaign born from the AACTA award winning documentary Series, ‘Strong Women’ available on ABC iView and funded by Screen Australia, the ABC & Film Victoria. The

series follows some of Australia's strongest women in the sport of Strongman, and celebrates diversity and the power of inclusion through sport while shattering stereotypes and tackling women’s health issues. Our strongwomen Mariko Whyte & Kerryn Taylor are available for interviews. 

46% of Australian women do not do any sport related activity. 

Girls and women who exercise have higher levels of confidence and self-esteem, and they report higher states of psychological well-being, lower levels of depression and more positive body image than girls and women who do not exercise (Source: Women’s Sport Foundation). “Sport took me out of my destructive head and into my body during a really hard time in my life,” said 12-year-old Eliza Haughton during her TedTalk on what sport means to young women+ globally. But according to A 2019 Australian Youth Confidence Report by age 17, 50% of girls had dropped out of sport entirely, despite two-thirds acknowledging that sport can make them feel more confident and by age 14, many girls are dropping out of sports at two times the rate of boys. 

Strongwoman Kerryn Taylor says about her mental health since starting strength exercising: “Now I tell myself, Kerryn you are beautiful, you are worthy and you can achieve whatever life throws at you”. It is widely known that physical activity can have instant, lasting health benefits at all ages (Department of Health and Aged Care). But as life goes on, women participation in physical activity decrease significantly quicker than men, with according to the Australia Bureau of Statistics only 3 in 20 (14%) women who are sufficiently physically active and meet the muscle strengthening guideline. Muscle strengthening exercise can significantly reduce the risk of osteropsis which affects 1 in 5 Australian women over the age of 50 (Hormones Australia). Exercising improves the quality of life of girls and women as they navigate various stages and major transitions of their lives. 

This Come & Try event aims to address these health issues by encouraging mothers and girls to try new or different sports and providing girls their most relatable role model: their mum. 

The social impact campaign Strong Sisters Movement aims to empower Australian women by encouraging them to: 

  • Learn how sport can help them build up their confidence, self-worth, health & wellbeing • See their body for what it can achieve rather than what it looks like or a number on a scale • Find a supportive community where they feel welcomed to participate in physical activity 

“The Strong Sisters Movement will help make a true impact on the welfare and positive health of Australian women, encouraging women to build their strength, improve their confidence, boost body positivity and open meaningful conversations about mental health,” said documentary co-creators Corinne Innes and Alexandra Gaulupeau. “These Come & Try events will be an exceptional opportunity for women to get in touch with their own strength and power through a variety of sports, and learn first-hand what their bodies are capable of.” 

For more information, please visit 


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Strong Sisters SportsFest

Strong Sisters SportsFest - Dec 10th - Belvedere Reserve, Seaford The Strong Sisters Australia Movement is bringing a FREE Come & Try multispor...


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